QTC!! JH1KRC try to 8N1EME !! for 5760 MHz Thu, 22 Mar 2007

Date 2007/3/22 11:51:24 | Topic: 5.7GHz

On March 24, Sat.,

JH1KRC will try to have an echo test at about
0830-0900 UTC on 5760.100 MHz with 8N1EME, and then
0900-0939 UTC on 5760.150 MHz with F2TU.

Then Mike will go back to 8N1EME site for the regular operation
on 5760.100 MHz.

8N1EME likes to have contact with small antenna stations,
such as 1-meter dish with 10 watts, CW QSO could be possible.

This is the last chance for non-EME stations to have contacts
with this super station. Please spread the info.

Project BIG-DISH will finish all the operation at 0510 UTC, March
25. See below.

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