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Posted by big-dish on 2007/2/23 12:38:09 (4906 reads)

Posted by big-dish on 2007/2/23 11:10:56 (1311 reads)

Hi all.

The Project BIG-DISH, a Japanese EME group, signing 8N1EME, already began the test transmission for RFI investigation and
for the echo tests, Feb. 22.

In the morning, we had to adjust the feed position of the 144/432
loop feeds by pulling the strings. The marionette style feed
support seems to be really effective for this temporary test site.
The feed impedance was obtained appoximately 50 ohms
( between 45 to 60 ohms) on each band.

On 432 MHz, the receiver sensitvity was low at the beginnig.
LNA oscillation at 400 MHz was detected with a spectrum analyzer.
By putting a series variable resister in the LNA power line, the LAN was stabilized. The gain and NF might change a bit, but
better than oscillation.

After 0815 UT on Feb. 22, 8N1EME transmitted CW on 432.030
MHz, 500 watts at TX, got the EME echo with 579 level, and had
no TVI at neighbour house located about 100 meters from the antenna.
Then SSB test followed to get a very roud and clear echo.

Then we moved the frequency to 144. 084 MHz. Soon after we
got very good CW echo on the band also. JH0MHE heard this signal and reports the signal was slightly stronger than HB9Q.
SSB echo was also very clear on this band.

1296 MHz antenna feed is stably installed in position. It looks
Unfortunately we had a problem in the 500W HPA, and had to
wait for the repair. The HPA is now in the shack (under the
antenna pedestal) and originally is planned to install in the higher
posision at the elevation axis level, approx. 25 meters from the
Here in Ibaraki the weather is rainy now. It is strictly restricted
to go up onto the antenna dish/pedestal by the KDDI's rules,
specially in the bad weather (rainy/windy) and after the sun set.
So we had to wait for the wether condition improves also.

The government telecom officials will come and see the station
this afternoon around 05-06 UT Feb. 23 (today!).

We will make an announcemet from time to time.
Thank you.

Mike Watanabe, JH1KRC
Project BIG-DISH 2007

Posted by big-dish on 2007/2/2 10:55:20 (1242 reads)

8N1EME/1 (Portable(no EME) Public Relations station) Now QRV

QRV schedule
02/01-2/04 Operater ENGAI CLUB
02/05-2/12 Operater ENGAI CLUB
02/13-2/18 Operater HITACHI CLUB
02/19-2/25 Operater ENGAI CLUB
02/26-3/04 Operater HITACHI CLUB
03/05-3/11 Operater ENGAI CLUB
03/12-3/18 Operater HITACHI CLUB
03/19-3/25 Operater ENGAI CLUB
03/26-3/31 Operater HITACHI CLUB


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