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Report VIA MOON 2m 70cm WSJT from VK4CDI

Posted by   big-dish   Date   2007/4/7 14:30:38

Report VIA MOON 2m 70cm WSJT from VK4CDI

Please DOWNLOAD! here.

VK4CDI ZIP-FILE but very big 25MB!

Thank you very much nice CD-R !!!! Many thanks Phil-San

I have wave files for 70 and 144, but maybe too large to email.

I can burn them to CD and mail if you like. Please let me know

Very 73 de Phil VK4CDI

PS I have 'worked' Ibaraki before on 4/6Ghz, I used to work at the Moree
Intelsat Earth station in Australia.

Sat, 07 Apr 2007

Thanks very nice CD-R and report.
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