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Report VIA MOON 2m 70cm WSJT from JM1WBB

Author: big-dish (10:54 am)
Report VIA MOON 2m 70cm WSJT from JM1WBB

Please DOWNLOAD! here.

JM1WBB ZIP-FILE but very big 210MB!
There are receive reports for 8N1EME by JM1WBB.

My setup are:
CD 2X211A (2x11el 2.4wl, H-pol, full-AZ/EL, Creative Design Corp.)
CD 2X720 (2x20el 5.8wl, H-pol, full-AZ/EL, Creative Design Corp.)
ANTEN GRA-2020X (NF 0.6, Gain 20dB), GPA-720X (NF 0.5dB, Gain 20dB)
Yaesu G-1000DXA (AZ), G-550 (EL) with GS-232B controller
KD2BD MoonTracker of Predict-2.2.3 with Cocoa wrapper for Mac OS X

1) 8N1EME-RAW folder contains all of received data including unuseful ones.
2) 8N1EME-Readble folder contains readble data.
3) 8N1EME-BBW-WBB folder contains QSO data with JA0BBW and JM1WBB on 144MHz.
4) 8N1EME-Picture folder contains some screen shots.

I deeply appreciate what the Big-Dish project gives all things to us, fun,
excited and opportunity for QSO!

Isao / JM1WBB
iseki at
Tue, 27 Mar 2007

Thanks very nice report.
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